healthcare services and solutions

Delivering quality patient care is your number one priority. Finding the resources to deliver the care your patients expect isn’t easy. That’s where we can help. Our exclusive PRINT Alliance  programs for healthcare providers are designed to help you reduce expenses while improving staff and caregiver productivity.

Here are some common healthcare challenges you probably face;

  • Budget Cuts
  • Expense control
  • Transitioning from paper to digital records
  • Security of patient information
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Reactive print consumables ordering

At NATIONAL, we can help you improve document workflows and processes so your people can keep their focus on providing quality health care. Through our NATIONAL healthcare assessment service we can identify your facility’s unique document needs, usage and actual expenses. We can also provide customized solutions that streamline document output and workflow, ensuring regulatory compliance, and operational excellence.

We’re proud of the business relationships we’ve formed with so many of the healthcare providers in our community and here are some common business outcomes you too can achieve with NATIONAL;

  • Cost Reduction typically in the range of 30%
  • Budget control & predictability
  • Dramatically elevate service levels
  • Improve staff & care provider productivity
  • Eliminate unnecessary copying / printing
  • Deploy a greener print strategy


Contact NATIONAL today to learn more about our exclusive current state assessment service for Healthcare!