By implementing the PRINTAlliance solution, our customer’s realize the following benefits:

Control cost of managing printer fleet

PRINTAlliance’s all-inclusive contractual terms allow you to convert variable costs to fixed costs.  Subsequently, it assists you in better managing printing-related budgets.

Reduce your cost in managing printer supplies

PRINTAlliance solution’s unique just-in-time supply fulfillment process eliminates your supply inventory cost and completely avoids any potential waste of toners.  Your toner is on its way to your user before it runs out.  

Reduce your IT cost

PRINTAlliance solution continuously monitors every printer status. It automatically generates email alerts to us whenever there is any printer issue. This proactive monitoring approach addresses printer issues, in many cases, even before a user discovers a problem exists.  This will greatly reduce your IT help desk support cost.

Increase printer uptime

PRINTAlliance solution is capable of setting maintenance flags for routine services to ensure a healthier printer fleet. In addition, our service alerts provide detail error codes to our service technicians.  This will allow them the right parts/tools for the first calls.

Provide efficient asset management and planning

PRINTAlliance solution provides access to both current and historical print usage data.  With this comprehensive information, we can then propose a more efficient fleet deployment strategy to meet your changing business requirements.